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Interview on DissectEd with Dr. Michaela Keegan Jedele

This week I am thrilled to be the guest of Dr. Michaela Keegan Jedele on her podcast DissectEd.

Michaela is currently doing a series speaking with teachers who find joy in teaching especially taking into account, and in spite of, the world events of the past few years.

I came across Michaela’s TikTok account shortly after one of my students said “Mrs. Drew, you need to be on TikTok”. From my first silly videos with students my followers have grown. More importantly, my teacher connections grew. I have seen what other teachers do in their classrooms. I’ve seen things I look forward to implementing next year and things that aren’t my style. I try to post messages of funny community building things that happen with my students (drinking corn milk for example, or tagging one of my favourite French Canadian singers so my students didn’t have to do a grammar test), and always want to encourage other teachers in their teaching practice.

Like Michaela, I have also seen and heard the struggles educators across North America are facing, the investments they make into their teaching and students, and the despair some have that have led to them leaving the profession. I respect teachers no matter whether they decide to stay or change directions.

Michaela reached out to me saying she enjoys my content and hoped I would agree to an interview. I was starstruck! She is someone I follow on TikTok! And she was reaching out to me! We each have stories, we all are on journeys, we all have something to contribute to the conversation about education, community, and growth. I am so honoured I was asked to contribute to her podcast.

Michaela is presenting a free summer seminar, “Self Taught: Teach the year you want”. It takes place online, with three evening sessions, starting July 14. The keynote speaker will be Daryl Williams (@mypursuitofexcellence – TikTok). You can easily register on her website. See you there!


DissectEd podcast: https://www.drkeeganjedele.com/podcasts/dissected

TikTok: drkeeganjedele

Instagram: michaela_keegan

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