OFT Network

Do you follow teachers on social media? This can be a phenomenal way to glean from others’ experiences, learn about resources online or resources teachers have created and are sharing for free, or line up exchanges with teachers and their classes in other areas!


I have personally picked up practices that I have implemented into my classrooms that have been game changing. From ways to organize, better flow systems, how to help students with transitions, how to better support students in general. There has been so much. I have also widened my network of teachers who are in this career, who are meeting challenges in creative, and often entertaining ways, who are finding ways to create community among their students and with their social media audience, and who are willing to partner with my classes on projects.

As a French teacher this opens the door to one of my favourite teaching topics – culture in the classroom. By this I mean beyond the Eiffel Tower, baguettes, and berets, but really learning about the culture and customs of a people. Students’ interest is activated, their engagement is heightened, and their experience in the classroom more authentic.

On TikTok there is #teachersoftiktok and #frenchteachersoftiktok. Ouifrencheachers is on both TikTok and Instagram click the links below. I teach Core French for grades 9-12 and I’m always interested in collaborations and partnering with teachers from anywhere.

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